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Meeting System

Pre-arranged route development meetings have been an essential part of every AviaDev event. We provide a bespoke technological solution for matching your meetings.

Representatives of airlines, airports and tourism boards will still receive a bespoke diary and conduct private and professional meetings in person over the event days.

Meeting system - opens approximately 6 weeks prior to the event

You can access the meeting system directly from our website (once it is live). You will receive a login and password.
Once online you can request which real estate investors / developers / airports you would like to meet with, in priority order.

You will be able to request and prioritise your meetings and update this at any time up until the system closes.

Your draft diary will be emailed to you at least 10 days before the start of the event, this will highlight the draft meetings that have been secured for you at this time.

You will receive your final diary upon registration at the event.